Children of Nepal

In Nepal 36 children out of thousand children die before their fifth birthday. Child mortality can be reduced by improving the timely access to specialized child health services.

We believe that all children in Nepal deserve the best healthcare, no matter where they live or whether they are rich or poor.

The government of Nepal is committed to improve child health care. They stand by the sustainable development goal to reduce neonatal and infant mortality. The country has set an ambitious target of reducing the neonatal mortality and under five mortality rate to 1 per 1.000 live births by 2030.

Together, we can achieve this.

We need to give all children in Nepal good health care and we will start by building a comprehensive children’s hospital in Kathmandu.

Kathmandu Institute of Child Health
Prof. Dr. Bhagawan Koirala

KIOCH - hospital for children in Nepal

Sonam Tamang: Today I visited my neighbour. We are so happy. She is expecting her third child. My community trusts me and always welcome me to their homes. I give my neighbour advise. I am her village health worker. You  have to know that this is her fourth pregnancy. I do what I can. And always when I see the children outside, playing or helping my neighbour, I am grateful that I am there for them. You have to know that the hospital is far away. At the hospital there are doctors working who know much more than I do. When there is a complication I always refer the women to the hospital. Sometimes it takes them three days to prepare themselves to go to the hospital. They have to organise the finance and get transport to Kathmandu. Sometimes they can not do much. I wish for more training for myself. If I know earlier there is a complication, I can refer them earlier too. I would also wish that at the provincial hospitals and in Kathmandu that there is more specialized care for children and mothers.