Board Nepal

Prof. Dr. Bhagawan Koirala

Mr. Deepak Raj Sapkota
Mr. Bhuvan Kumar Dahal
Mr. Birendra Bahadur Basnet
Dr. Jyotindra Sharma
Ms. Bhawani Mishra Rana
Mr. Govinda Prasad Adhikari

Advisory Committee in the Netherlands

The Advisory Committee of KIOCH comprises of committed individuals. Everyone brings an unique expertise, and supports the mission to bring quality and affordable health care to all children in Nepal by the setting up of a new paediatric hospital in Kathmandu. The role of each Advisory Committy member in the Netherlands is to provide advice to the KIOCH Board in Nepal.

Ms. Liesbeth Nagelkerke
Mr. Arco Schenkel
Mr. Frank Poen
Mr. Jan Senhorst
Ms. Kaat Burbidge- van Velde
Ms. Judith de Heer


Profiles Board Nepal

Renowned Paediatric Heart Surgeon

“Having been able to serve hundreds of thousands of people and operate more than 14,000 hearts over the years, I still feel that there is a lot to do in our health care service, especially in the field of child health. Paediatric care is one of my keen interests and absence of a comprehensive care centre for children strikes me all the time. I believe KIOCH will definitely have a significant contribution to the child health care of the country.”

Prof. Dr. Bhagawan Koirala

Initiator and Chairperson

Executive Director of Karuna Foundation Nepal

My background in child right studies and my experiences working in the field of child protection over two decades have exposed me to child right issues including child health care in Nepal.

Establishing a comprehensive children hospital with multi-specializations has been my long lived dream.”

Mr. Deepak Raj Sapkota

Initiator and Member

Chief Executive Officer of Sanima Bank, Nepal

“To contribute in my small way for setting up a child hospital with complete facilities which our country is in need of.

This should help reduce child death rate in Nepal.”

Mr. Bhuvan Kumar Dahal


Managing Director of Buddha Air, Nepal

“I have witnessed lack of a comprehensive health care service and I see, there is a lot to do.

So, I always loved to go for projects like KIOCH.

I hope we will have significant contribution through KIOCH.”

Mr. Birendra Bahadur Basnet


Executive Director of Gangalal Heart Hospital, Nepal

“My interaction with sick children and their parents have always made me wish if we could have a comprehensive children hospital in Nepal that would cater to the needs of children with different health problems.

This inspired me to join the KIOCH team.”

Dr. Jyotindra Sharma


Chair of Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Nepal

“An affordable yet holistic child health care facility is indeed a need.

I hope, with KIOCH, to develop an exemplary one.”

Ms. Bhawani Mishra Rana


Senior Journalist and Chair of Karuna Foundation Nepal

“A journalist by profession and a social worker by passion, I am aware of the situation of existing health facilities and changes that are necessary to provide better service to the needy. The passion to help people in need to improve their quality of life motivates me to be a part of the KIOCH team of dedicated persons and professionals.”

Mr. Govinda Prasad Adhikari


Profiles Advisory Committee the Netherlands

Frank Poen

Frank’s background as both a hospital director as well as former director consultancy for PharmAccess (in which occupation he assisted many new hospitals to become reality in an international setting), makes him the ideal candidate for our Advisory Team. Frank will take on the task to focus on the business concept and the concept of the hospital as a whole. He will translate innovative possibilities from a medical background.

Jan Senhorst

Jan has over 15 years of experience as project manager integrated construction at the building department of the academic medical centre Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Currently he is working on the programme for the renewal of the Sophia Children’s Hospital. He is an expert at making sure that projects become and stay manageable. Will not hesitate to ask the awkward question when needed for the benefit of the quality of the project. Jan has committed himself to take on the project planning and translate the concept into  practical actions. During this project he will be supported by his colleague Judith de Heer.

Arco Schenkel

Arco is a true advocate for patient centred care and takes it to a next level for he was able to do this on a professional level. His main focus concerns unlocking patient data to improve knowledge which in turns improve the conversation between the doctor and his/her patient and has a positive impact on the treatment. Arco challenged us to think of ‘the hospital of 2050’ and will keep on challenging this idea and how to embed this in our concept. He will propose innovative possibilities, especially considering patients care and use his great network in Health and IT to help implement those ideas.

Liesbeth Nagelkerke

Liesbeth is a true driver of positive change. With her company Reach Out 2, she helps family foundations and private people in their strategy to do good. Through her foundation Reach Out Too, she was able to quickly raise a lot of money for relief work after the great earthquake in Nepal in 2015 and she is currently involved in a reconstruction project. Liesbeth will operate as an overall coordinator and do what she is so good at – making connections where ever needed. Next to that she will be responsible (together with Kaat) for the fundraising.

Kaat Burbidge-van Velde

Kaat has been working as a fundraiser for several international organizations for the past years. Always looking to strengthen those who work on system change. She is dedicated to this project because she believes in the power of personal involvement and -in the case of KIOCH- in the power of showing others how you can change a health system by starting with using your own expertise. Together with Liesbeth, she helps coordinate and take a lead in the fundraising.

Judith de Heer

Judith has many years of experience in the medical field, with a specialization in project management real estate, which she currently does for the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC Utrecht). She is an avid traveler with great interest in other cultures and is looking forward to put her skills to use in this international project. Together with Jan Senhorst, Judith will be responsible for project planning and management for KIOCH.

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