Health Care SystemWe will work together with partners in different sectors, such as the Government, NGOs, the private sector, knowledge centres and of course other medical institutions in and outside Nepal.

The board of directors is comprised of the top of Nepal’s medical field, private sector, public health and social work. KIOCH will work together with partners in all sectors.

KIOCH will have several programs under a single roof, will work with the best paediatricians, will train new doctors and nurses and will be designed with patient centred care in mind.

The hospital will give health care to children who need it. And just as important, we will also prioritize preventive and promotive health care. Together with the government we will work on public health programs as immunization, health insurance and treatment of major Non-Communicable diseases (children only). At a later stage, we will add satellite clinics to reach a larger population in need of improved access to child health services elsewhere in the country.