Building a hospital

We will start building a comprehensive children’s hospital in Kathmandu that delivers specialised services to all children through a cost sharing principle. Initially we will build a hospital with 100 beds for children. Every year an estimated 100.000 children will be reached through our out-patient department and 25.000 children at the in-patient department.

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We will conduct preventive interventions, promotive and rehabilitative services. And, by making use of innovative technologies like tele consulting, we can reach out to children in every corner of Nepal.

Research Unit

We will conduct studies and research to continuously improve the services rendered at the hospital. Findings will be published and presented at national and international forums.

Resource center

We will have a resource center where we will exchange knowledge, focus on awareness issues and provide training to the government health workers and non-government workers in the area of child health.

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This as well

We will design the functional referral and re-integration services.